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Does Your Business Have a Formal Print Policy?

The average personal printer is relatively inexpensive to purchase.  What many of the printer manufacturers have discovered is the real profit is not with the printer itself but with the toner and ink-jet cartridges that are used. Typical printers can use much more toner than you might expect.  The "cost per page" calculation that many ...

Lower Your Color Printing Costs by Implementing These 4 Ideas!

Color printing costs can easily get out of control. Special paper, ink, and unnecessary printing can erode your budget while doing very little to help productivity or efficiency. To better manage your printing costs consider these four tips: 1. Do you have a print policy? By establishing a print policy everyone in your company will understand ...

Reduce Print Expenses with Xerox ConnectKey

In these challenging economic times, many businesses have been exploring their balance sheets and looking for ways to cut costs and boost productivity to remain competitive. One of the last un-audited areas for most companies is their print environment.  Some companies have explored their options and chosen to consolidate their IT including their print environment. Many ...

Document Management Provides Cost Savings

Printing costs for a company can be expensive. When asked to evaluate printing costs, most people immediately think of the cost of an ink jet or laser printer cartridge. While cartridges definitely add to the overall printing costs, the total cost is much more than just printing supplies.

Cut Down Unnecessary Printing

Office printing is oftentimes an unmonitored expense that can be severely cut down if the proper steps are taken within an office. There are many ways to cut down on unnecessary printing, and you can significantly cut costs from your printing budget if handled correctly. Here are three simple ways that you can begin saving money from your print budget: Cut ...

Set Printing Guidelines to Cut Costs

Printing in an office environment is vital for a number of reasons. It allows you to physically store and communicate data to clients, customers and employees alike. However, in this day and age, printing can become expensive if left unmanaged. There are many ways that offices all over are finding to reduce the ...

Optimize Your Printing Environment with Annapolis Office Products

Office printing can easily get out of hand if left unmanaged. The way that our office prints contributes directly to a number of factors. The more printing that takes place in an office equals higher waste and higher costs associated with document production. It is important that your office is continually taking steps in the right direction to ensure ...

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