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Green Printing Strategies for Your Business

The color green has always been associated with business in a financial sense, but it now has a dual meaning. Green living has infiltrated the business world, where CIO’s, owners and employees alike are all looking for products and practices that are more environmentally friendly.

ConnectKey by Xerox is one such product, providing users the opportunity to get more from their multifunction printers (MFP’s), while still managing to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint; read on to find out more.

Earth Smart Printing

The Earth Smart features found on Xerox printers with ConnectKey software promote sustainability, with print rules and default settings designed to reduce paper, ink and toner usage, in addition to using less energy. Defaults include:

  • No banners
  • Duplexing
  • Two-sided printing

A colorful green meter, providing a great visual indication of how and where you’re saving energy.

Energy Star Compliance

Products using less energy than comparable models are awarded the Energy Star seal of approval. MFP’s with ConnectKey technology are Energy Star compliant, offering increased functionality while decreasing their impact on the environment. 

Xerox Recycling Program

The Xerox Environmental Asset Recovery Program (EARP) is a recycling and return program that has partnered with Purolator, in an effort to increase the efficiency and frequency with which businesses return recyclable products such as toner and waste bottles.  This program not only encourages recycling, but with clever management provides a streamlined approach for pick-up, resulting in the added benefit of a reduction in the distance with which the recyclables travel to their destination, using less energy.              

ColorQube Solid Ink

Solid ink is an easy to use product that produces amazing color prints, while generating as little as 10 percent of the waste of traditional toner. With less packaging this cartridge free ink can help cut costs while also reducing waste.

Cisco EnergyWise

This energy saving giant helps users by monitoring energy costs on devices within their network.

Cloud Printing

Scanning options on offer through ConnectKey technology include Share to Cloud, providing users the choice to scan their documents to a secure destination in the Cloud, such as:

  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • PaperPort Anywhere
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Drive
  • SalesForce.com

This option reduces paper usage while offering users easy access to documents when needed. The Share Point feature provides another option, where users may scan their documents directly to their choice of Windows folder or even create searchable PDF’s.

Environmental sustainability in the workplace is possible at every level, including print.  ConnectKey by Xerox is the perfect combination of form and function, helping users to increase efficiency and productivity, while helping to reduce energy usage and waste.

To find out how to make your office environmentally friendly, click here for your free green printing e-book:



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