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Questions You Should Have Answered Before Your Next Copier Service Call

If you run a business or manage the print environment in your company, then you already know that placing a service call to fix a printer or copier is going to cost you. But do you know how much it really costs you? Here’s a tip that can save you money down the line.

Know who pays for the impressions required to fix your system?
It’s important to consider the printing costs that are associated with placing a service call. Think about how many black and white and color impressions are needed to fix a printer or copier. That can really add up in toner cost and other resource. And if the technician is instructed to run as many as possible (because the provider is still charging you back for the impressions) then you can see how it can become an expensive problem for you!

There’s a better way
At Xerox, the technicians that come in to fix a machine give “Copy Credits” so the business does not get charged for the black and white or color impressions that are required during the repair. These credits show up on the invoice so you can see just how many there were, so you know you are not being “double billed” so to speak. It means that after placing a service call you will have peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s not going to cost you more down the road.

Consider what those costs might be. Some technicians have testified to running as many as 200 impressions on a machine during each service call. If those are color impressions that cost up to 10 cents a print, then that’s 20 extra dollars you will be billed per service call. How many times do you find yourself placing a service call? If your print environment is large, then that number can really add up.

Learn who’s paying the printing costs before placing a service call
The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be charged for the prints required to fix your machine or system (or at least there should be a minimum amount that you agree too.) Allowing providers and technicians to have free rein on the impressions they make can be costly to you if you’re the one paying for them.  So be wise before placing a service call and don’t get caught by surprise when you receive the invoice that follows.

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