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What to Consider When Selecting an MFP for Your Business?

Printing technology has experienced a rapid improvement in recent years. Today’s generation of multifunction printer technology offers more functionality with a smaller footprint and can replace a roomful of machines with a single device for a fraction of the cost. Switching to MFP technology cannot only save your company money, but it can save time, freeing your employees for other ...

How to Manage Your Printer Toner Expenses

If you are in charge of the company’s copiers and printers and are concerned with your bottom line, there is one hidden cost that even the most savvy of office managers often overlook: the cost of coverage. Cost of coverage? We’re Talking Toner Most office environments don’t consider the amount of toner it takes to output documents on a daily, weekly or monthly ...

Are You Spending Too Much on Toner?

Taking the necessary steps to reduce your annual printing costs is very important. On average, a business can spend between 1-3% of their budget on printing costs annually. This is a huge chunk of the budget that can easily be reduced from anywhere between 30-40% if the correct changes put into practice. That’s a savings of up to 1% ...

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