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Cut Down Unnecessary Printing

Office printing is oftentimes an unmonitored expense that can be severely cut down if the proper steps are taken within an office. There are many ways to cut down on unnecessary printing, and you can significantly cut costs from your printing budget if handled correctly. Here are three simple ways that you can begin saving money from your print budget:

  • Cut out banner pages – When printing email or websites, there tends to be a banner page that prints out before and in some cases after the main print job. Eliminate these pages in print preview so you don’t waste extra pages.
  • Duplex Printing – Many printers will offer you the option of duplex printing. Duplex printing utilizes both sides of the printed page to cut down printing by up to 50%. 
  • Only Print what you need – If you don’t absolutely need to print something, don’t print it. You can set up a print queue that will only print documents once they are released.

There are many reasons to cut down on office printing, from reducing your environmental footprint to cutting costs. If you would like to learn about more ways that your office can implement methods to cut down on printing, contact us today.

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