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Green Printing Strategies for Your Business

BYOD & Mobile Printing – Trends For 2014

Like all things technology, printing is in the process of experiencing incredible changes.  With advances in wireless technology printers can be accessed and shared with no hardwiring or networking necessary. The newest advance called mobile printing now enables convenient and secure printing from any email enabled device like an ipad ...

Does Your Business Have a Formal Print Policy?

The average personal printer is relatively inexpensive to purchase.  What many of the printer manufacturers have discovered is the real profit is not with the printer itself but with the toner and ink-jet cartridges that are used. Typical printers can use much more toner than you might expect.  The "cost per page" calculation that many ...

End of Lease Copier Removal Fees: Do You Know Yours?

We can not stress the importance of understanding all of the terms of your company's lease for its MFP or copier on the front end. When signing a typical 36 or 60 month lease for a copier, many companies do not read the agreement in its entirety and therefore are surprised to learn that they are responsible for paying a ...

Questions You Should Have Answered Before Your Next Copier Service Call

If you run a business or manage the print environment in your company, then you already know that placing a service call to fix a printer or copier is going to cost you. But do you know how much it really costs you? Here’s a tip that can save you money down the line. Know who pays for the impressions required ...

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