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Color Considerations

At Annapolis Office Products we understand color. Business is conducted in color these days, and we can provide you with the highest quality equipment to print in vivid color for all of your organization’s needs. It affects your emotion and the emotions of your clients and employees. There are three areas to consider when considering color production:

  • First is the intent of the designer.
  • Second, consider the reception by the audience.
  • Third, consider your ability to output your vision.

The actual color on the paper is where these three areas come together. In order to understand how color on paper can bring these areas together, it helps to understand what emotions colors may invoke. Its important to provide your organization and your clients with only the highest quality products available. Printing in color is much more cost effective than it used to be and with these lower prices comes more companies making the switch. Don’t be left behind in a world of only black and white.

The Business Value Color

Recent neurological and psychological research has shown that the impact of color is significant and largely unconscious. Studies have shown that as much as 60% of consumers decide to purchase a new product based on its color — as opposed to quality, workmanship, or price guarantee. It is also important to take into consideration that a person will respond to and evaluate most products in less than 60 seconds. Therefore, presentation is key to the success or failure of any printed document, whether that document is for internal use or for external marketing.


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