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By using the latest copying, printing, scanning and faxing technology that Multifunction Systems have to offer, you will have the greatest quality reproduction while being cost-efficient.  You will enjoy a variety of options to enhance the productivity of your office:

Job Build for complex copy jobs

No more need to use your conference table to assemble your complex copy jobs.  Use Job Build to assemble a professional document with different types of originals, different stocks within the job, and mix of simplex and duplex output.  Also, take advantage of segment sampling and deletion to avoid rescanning the whole job.  Job build saves time and money, while giving copied documents a professional look.

Scan Once/Print Many

The scan once capability of multifunction systems allows you to scan original document only one time and produce multiple documents from that first scan.

Job Pre-scanning

As another advantage of the scan once capability, you be able to scan multiple jobs ahead of time- allowing the multifunction system will automatically print the next documents as the previous documents complete.

Versatile Finishing

Take advantage of a wide variety of finishing options including offset stacking, multi-position stapling, three hold punching and booklet making.  Your copies will be professionally finished and ready to distribute.

Preserve Document Color

Color printing and copying is no longer a slow and costly proposition. Multifunction systems provide ability by to produce color documents in a timely and cost effective manner. You’ll realize the benefits of color in your organization without causing strain on your budget. Learn more about the emotional impact of color.

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