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BYOD & Mobile Printing – Trends For 2014

Like all things technology, printing is in the process of experiencing incredible changes.  With advances in wireless technology printers can be accessed and shared with no hardwiring or networking necessary. The newest advance called mobile printing now enables convenient and secure printing from any email enabled device like an ipad or smart phone

Until recently, printing was only possible via a laptop or desktop computer. New mobile print solutions allow secure printing from any email-enabled device. Mobile printing is a perfect cost effective solution for any business with a mobile workforce that needs flexible printing options from anywhere in the world.


What if it was possible to print from any email-enabled device? Imagine if you could print documents without being physically connected to your corporate network.  No drivers to download or install, no more worrying about your sensitive documents sitting on a printer tray.

Stop imagining.  Mobile Print Solutions are here and it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1.     Simply email your document. You don’t have to decide where to print it until you are ready to pick it up.

2.     You will receive an email response confirming your document along with a secure confirmation code.

3.     To print, simply select Mobile Print on your MP enabled multi-function printer, enter the confirmation code, select the documents to print, and the output settings (multiple copies, collate, staple etc.) right in the printer and your done!

This new technology is safe, convenient and cost effective. It will increase your mobile workforce’s productivity and save time and money for your business. It also ties in perfectly with another new trend in the workplace, employees bringing their own devices into the workplace, otherwise known as BYOD.

BYOD in the Workplace

As more employees have turned away from company supplied IT and have moved towards personal consumer devices such as ipads, android tablets and smart phones a new trend has emerged. Known as the “consumerization” of IT, it encompasses BYOD, and the use of third party cloud services such as cloud storage and social media.

This new trend is driven by simple and accessible technology that has allowed people to work anytime and anyplace they choose.  The consumerization of IT will be the dominant trend in IT for the next decade.  As companies adapt to this new trend they will need to develop strategies to deal with mobile device management, application management, data protection, IT security and more. Mobile Printing is the first of many new technologies that will need to be developed to address these exciting changes in the workplace.

This upcoming year maybe your company should begin to consider and develop strategies to deal with the new trends on the horizon.  It’s a smart business decision that can save you time, money, and increase your employees productivity all while freeing you up to build your core business.

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