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The need for fax machines hasn’t diminished. Even with the rising use of email, faxing is still  an important communication medium.  And, new fax systems even integrate email.

Multifunction systems feature a host of options for faxing documents that typical fax machines may not offer. As your local Xerox Partner, we can help you choose the right faxing solution for your environment.

Outgoing Faxes

Multifunction systems allow for faxing from the device itself just as a standalone fax would. The greatest benefit of sending outbound faxed from our multifunction systems is their ability to allow faxing from any Windows desktop on your network, so workers no longer need to print for the sole purpose of faxing.  This also allows you to consolidate multiple fax lines into 1 shared device.

Scan to Email

Many workgroup fax systems offer scan-to-email functionality.  Instead of entering a fax number, simply key in an email address.  Your document will be delivered as an email attachment in a common format like PDF.

Routing Incoming Faxes

The most common scanner in the world today is a fax machine- as s fax machine user sends a fax, he or she is simply putting that document in a scanner for transmission. This document can either be printed on your fax machine in your office, or the electronic version of that document can be captured and routed to the location of your choosing. This can be routed to an email address, a folder on your network or even automatically indexed and routed directly to your electronic document management system.  Fax routing puts your faxes in a secure location in a preferable format.

Multifunction System vs. Fax Machines

You may find that a standalone fax machine is all that is needed to meet your specific business requirements. In the event that you need more than a standalone fax machine for larger or more specific faxing applications, you should consider adding faxing capability to your multifunction system. We’ll help you decide what’s right for your needs and budget.

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