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Office printing consumes 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue according to the Gartner group.  However, office laser printing costs are rarely tracked and represent one of the last great opportunities for corporate cost reduction.  And, recent technological advances make ways to reduce printing cost possible. Learn more about the cost of printing>>>

The first step to cutting costs associated with printing in your organization is to understand your print environment. This is what our Managed Print Services program was created to do — to help you maximize efficiency. Annapolis Office Products will help you streamline your business processes and get an accurate measurement of your printing costs– down to the page.

How much can Managed Print Services save me?

Effective print management can save your business up to 30% on the costs associated with printing.

When you request your Document Assessment you’ll get the free services:

  • We’ll deploy your existing equipment so that the most efficient devices are printing the most output, nearest those that need it.
  • You’ll be able track print trends, usage and cost down to the page. You’ll know who is printing, what they’re printing,  and where they’re printing to.
  • We’ll offer you high-quality supplies at a reduced cost.
  • We’ll offer solutions that will help you use less ink and paper without losing productivity.
  • Where appropriate, we’ll suggest new devices with the most up-to-date technology.

Why do you Need Managed Print Services?

Most businesses do not have the means to implement cost controls in regards to printing because they lack the proper measurement tools that record print usage and costs. Annapolis Office Products can provide you with new print assessment tolls that make it possible to measure your total cost of printing. It is also possible to track printing is happening in your organization, from overall company usage, departmental use, and even down to individual users. This information can be used to implement cost control strategies and to deploy current equipment in the most productive manner.

To start saving, request your free Document Assessment today.


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