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Xerox Multifunction systems combine productivity and economic cost. You’ll benefit from the following features:

Cost Control

Multifunction devices help you save money by limiting the cost of your output with our cost per copy programs.  Paying by the copy turns the uncontrolled spend of your laser cartridges into a manageable cost per page.  In addition, the Xerox Work Centres allow you to monitor or even limit black and white and color pages by user, department, or even client.

High Performance Output

Multifunction devices are designed to generate output at greater speeds and higher quality for both color and black & white output, thus increasing your operational efficiency.

Great Finishing Features

Multifunction devices employ quality finishing options like offset stacking, multi-position stapling, booklet-making, online binding options and three-hold punching.

Brilliant Color

Many Xerox multifunction systems offer color printing, copying and scanning.  Renowned for color quality, Xerox is the industry pacesetter for color output quality.  You will benefit from bright, accurate color reproduction on your color multifunction system.

Multi-function Systems VS. Printers

Laser printers are ideally suited for small printing applications and low volume. Choosing the right mix of multifunction systems and printers requires understanding when each is the right tool. For very small print volumes over longer period of time, the higher toner and maintenance costs of a laser printer may be the right choice, however the low toner and maintenance costs of a multifunction system will provide a greater value for mid- to high-end printing applications. We’ll help you make the right choice.

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