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What to Consider When Selecting an MFP for Your Business?

Printing technology has experienced a rapid improvement in recent years. Today’s generation of multifunction printer technology offers more functionality with a smaller footprint and can replace a roomful of machines with a single device for a fraction of the cost. Switching to MFP technology cannot only save your company money, but it can save time, freeing your employees for other mission critical tasks.

When choosing an MFP for your business, there are several aspects to consider. Top on the list are convenience and ease of use. Xerox technology’s latest offering is called ConnectKey. It connects multifunction printers to the way work gets done in today’s office environment.

Simplify with MFP Technology
You’ve probably already made the smart business decision to replace your roomful of machines with a multifunction device. As your company adapts to changes in the office like cloud computing and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) your MFP needs to be able to adapt with you.

ConnectKey allows your MFP to do more than just print, scan, fax and copy. ConnectKey offers advanced mobile printing capabilities. Now your employees can access your office printer whether they’re working at home or on the road, securely and conveniently with mobile printing functions. Documents can be scanned, edited and stored on the cloud for later collaboration. A full suite of easy to use developer tools is included for developing custom applications specifically designed to fit your needs. Let’s look at some of ConnectKey’s other convenient easy to use features.

Mobile Connectivity
As more business happens online, cloud use is increasing. You may already be doing business remotely through your employee’s smartphones and tablets via the cloud. ConnectKey allows your employees access to your office MFPs from anywhere in the world, at any time. This connectivity can streamline your workflow as orders can be directly printed in your warehouse for immediate fulfillment, saving time and money. Critical documents can be emailed, edited, or revised from any location then printed in the home office via ConnectKey using any mobile device.

24/7/365 Tech Support
Help is always available from the onboard remote control panel. This feature allows technical support to communicate directly with the printer and the user remotely from their desktop. Upgrades and technical repairs can also be accomplished remotely. It your technical team is unavailable, Xerox offers direct online support from the control panel itself. Data can be scanned for printing, or sent automatically to the appropriate file, desktop or hard drive.

Ease of Use
ConnectKey is completely adaptable to your employee’s individual work styles. It offers flexibility and time saving features. Contracts can be scanned, loaded to the cloud and organized on individual desktops through your print device. ConnectKey’s Fax Forward option also allows you to go paperless, increasing your company’s sustainability and productivity while reducing baseline costs. Your scanned data is completely searchable by any number of keywords, job order numbers or other items.

ConnectKey is the next step in multifunction print technology. It offers complete reliability and ease of use. It adapts to the way your employee’s work and saves both time and money in the process. ConnectKey offers unparalleled security whether you’re working in your office, from your home or on the road. It is accessible from any device including the latest tablets and smartphones. Its wireless connection makes it easy to set-up anywhere within your office with no networking issues. With ConnectKey, managing your print environment becomes easier and less stressful; freeing your employee’s to focus on other mission critical work and giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

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