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Are You Spending Too Much on Toner?

Taking the necessary steps to reduce your annual printing costs is very important. On average, a business can spend between 1-3% of their budget on printing costs annually. This is a huge chunk of the budget that can easily be reduced from anywhere between 30-40% if the correct changes put into practice. That’s a savings of up to 1% of your annual budget that is just otherwise thrown away on unnecessary printing!

Toner is one of the most expensive components of printing, especially if you are printing a high volume of your documents in color. There are many ways to save on the costs of printing. These include managed print services and other similar programs.

It used to be that discounted materials were not of the highest quality. This is no longer the case however, and you can expect to get high quality toner at a discounted price. Managed print services will allow your business to eliminate printing costs wherever possible. From savings on unnecessary printing to purchasing high quality discounted ink and recycled paper, you too can save on print costs.

Make sure that your organization does not fall behind the times. Optimize your printing and save at the same time! Contact us today to find out how your company can start saving today.

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