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Xerox ConnectKey MFPs – Helping Companies Improve Their Business Workflows

With so much technology in the office, whether it happens to be a small business or enterprise level company, it can seem a bit daunting to focus just on your work and less on ensuring that the technology is actually working the way it should. There is technology to monitor in marketing, sales, finance, and even with day-to-day tasks such as printing. Fortunately, Xerox has created a product line that allows you to focus on the actual tasks at hand rather than trying to constantly make the technology fit into your needs.

A multifunction printer can handle all sorts of jobs, but in particular, multifunction printers with Xerox’s ConnectKey technology are ready to get to work as soon as it’s turned on. The ConnectKey software includes all kinds of task management functions, while also streamlining the entire printing, copying, and other office tasks that normally take forever with a traditional multifunction machine.

What kinds of features can you expect from ConnectKey? Here are just a few that any business will want to include into their everyday workflow:

  • All multifunction printers and devices with ConnectKey are highly secure with McAfee Security services that are exclusive just to Xerox products. There is also the ability to override the hard disk, SSL encryption, preventing unauthorized printing jobs, safe scan for Gmail and Yahoo mail, and you can track user activity.
  • For businesses looking to push sustainability in the office, the ConnectKey line of machines has sustainability friendly features such as less toner being used, double sided printing, energy-efficient screens, and Xerox’s recycling program that businesses can actively be a part of.
  • Productivity is integral in any office, which is why ConnectKey has robust features to ensure every job is taken care of quickly and precisely. That means a universal remote control, remote repair, unified address books, and even having the ability to be emailed when a job has been completed.
  • For businesses worried about the cost, the ConnectKey line is actually very cost effective for both small and large businesses alike. Certain user permissions will make sure that you’re spending less annually while ConnectKey software allows you to track jobs and better manage month-to-month expenses.

ConnectKey software was created so that your office can be connected in a way that hasn’t been seen before, especially now with staff having their own mobile devices and with cloud technology being so prevalent in most offices today. It is more than just buying a multifunction printer, investing in a ConnectKey multifunction product means streamlining your business processes and making your machine work smarter, more efficiently, with lower operating costs.

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