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The Xerox ConnectKey Platform – The Next Level of MFP Convenience!

Professionals in today’s competitive business arena can’t be boxed in. Most successful companies will tell you that their employees need to work beyond the desk, beyond the office walls, and beyond the regular nine to five schedule. That means for your work to get done effectively, efficiently and affordably, it needs to be done conveniently too—at any time on any ...

What to Consider When Selecting an MFP for Your Business?

Printing technology has experienced a rapid improvement in recent years. Today’s generation of multifunction printer technology offers more functionality with a smaller footprint and can replace a roomful of machines with a single device for a fraction of the cost. Switching to MFP technology cannot only save your company money, but it can save time, freeing your employees for other ...

The 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Managed Print Provider

Until as little as ten years ago, MPS or Managed Print Services were unheard of. Before then little thought was given to the cost of printing within the office environment, but even those who gave it some thought had trouble coming up with an accurate figure, let alone a cost per page figure. Today, MPS ...

Implement These Ideas to Reduce Printing

Managed Print Services gives your office the ability to monitor printing and reports on areas where printing can be released. In addition to this, Managed Print Services allows you to streamline the supply ordering process, and gives your office the tools to increase productivity and cut costs. While MPS gives you to tools to monitor printing, there are other ...

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