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The 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Managed Print Provider

Until as little as ten years ago, MPS or Managed Print Services were unheard of. Before then little thought was given to the cost of printing within the office environment, but even those who gave it some thought had trouble coming up with an accurate figure, let alone a cost per page figure. Today, MPS has been found to reduce printing costs, waste and increase productivity. Taking the time to find the best MPS provider for your business can make all the difference; here are five key questions to ask

  1. How do you handle competitive products? Gauge whether a prospective hire has your best interests at heart by asking them how they plan to manage competitor’s devices or products. Whether you have rival equipment already in place, or a competitor’s product would better suit your needs, your MPS should be prepared to do what’s best for your business.
  2. How can you help my bottom line? It’s one thing for a company to say they’ll save you money, but it’s another for them to actually show you. Be sure there is a clear plan in place, with realistic projections for the near and distant future. The focus should encompass not only hardware and technology but also business processes.
  3. How can you help my business to grow? You’re in business to grow and succeed; inquire how each provider can help you achieve your goals. The ideal candidate should be prepared to keep one step ahead, with a list of innovative ideas to keep you moving towards your goal.
  4. What type of support is offered? It’s important to ascertain the level of commitment offered by the provider. As your business begins to grow, processes will need to be reviewed and revamped and additional training may be required for staff. The best service will be the one that is prepared to take you all the way to the top, with programs in place designed to help you succeed. Helping employees adapt to a new learning environment can be made easier through online training, continual support and the implementation of any necessary changes such as a dedicated print staff.
  5. Are theyup to date on mobile management? Mobile printing has taken managed print services to a whole new level, and the failure to properly embrace this new technology can hamper your success. Find a partner that can not only appreciate the increased level of efficiency mobile technology offers, but can also help use it to your advantage.

Carefully weigh the answers to the above questions before choosing an MPS provider for your business to ensure the best service and the best fit. Establishing a long term relationship is critical for business growth and development, and finding the right partner to manage your printing infrastructure allows you the freedom to focus on managing your business.

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