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Is Your Office in Need of a Multifunctional Device? Here are 3 Questions to Ask

When purchasing a multifunctional product, specifically a multi-purpose printer for use in an office, potential customers must ask themselves three questions:  What specifically, is your return policy? Who will be servicing my product? and Can you explain how this multifunction product is open to future technologies? These questions are necessary due to the fact that purchasing such a device is a long term investment and is a more final choice, unlike a leased product.

1. What is your return policy?

The ideal product is one that the company stands by, so a satisfaction guarantee on your multifunction device is absolutely key. However, research the guarantee, understand it well, so you know what your recourse is if the device does not meet what you’re looking for. Also make note of a warranty. It is important to know the parameters in the event the product does not satisfy your needs or breaks down.  A full purchase is not like a lease–you will have no recourse if these things are not guaranteed on some level.

2. Who will be servicing my account and product?

Once the product is purchased, you will have very little contact with the salesperson. Instead, most of your attention will be focused on the technician tasked with the maintenance of your multifunction device. What are the standards and training they have to undergo? Can they be called in without much advance notice? Proper maintenance will ensure your device continues to function appropriately.

3. How is this MFP (multifunction product) open to future technology?

Having a device that is “future proofed” and thus able to adapt to new technologies is key. How will it integrate with network security, such as MacAfee or Norton, for example? In addition, devices that can be remotely accessed by information technology help desks are a boon to efficiency, allowing them to remedy problems quickly. Multifunctional devices that can integrate with laptops, smartphones and tablets easily, as well as devices able to be upgraded or updated in the future are additional perks worth considering.

Ultimately, the perfect multifunction device is one that can fulfill your technological requirements, especially for future improvements, as well as having a technician who will be prompt and keep it maintained. And, if necessary, you should be able to return it and have the company stand by their product. Following these three steps will help you make the right choice for these kinds of devices.

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