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Wide Format Printing May be Right for your Office

Are you sick of going to your local print shop every time you need to make a wide-format copy for one of your clients? By investing in a wide format printer, you’re bringing printer store quality right to your office! No longer just used by construction companies, wide format printing is taking the corporate world by storm by allowing flow charts, management goals, and countless other plans to be displayed on large, easy to see and read documents.

If you constantly require blueprints, maps, posters, and other large format documents to be printed off, maybe it’s time you thought of brining a variation of wide format printer into your printing line up.

Some industries and departments that are able to benefit from wide format printing are:

  • construction
  • architecture
  • engineering
  • graphic design
  • human resource management
  • marketing
  • product development

Contact us today to see if a wide format printer is right for your office!

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