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Solve Big Data Organization with Managed Print Services

Big data can provide your business a huge opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in 2013. Best-defined, big data refers to the enormous amount of data sets that do not fit neatly into traditional storage and require a more sophisticated technology to process this information to its fullest potential to gain important insights. Since the size of this information is so large, it is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to utilize common software tools to capture, manipulate, analyze, and process the data. For this reason, approximately 42 percent of companies plan to invest in a big data strategy within a year.

There are three basic challenges that big data presents to your business:

  1. Volume: This challenge comes in two parts. First, the significant amount of data out there can present a storage problem for your business. Second, with so much data to manipulate and gain information from, an overwhelmingly large amount of data can pose analysis issues.
  2. Variety: There are so many different types of information that your business can analyze, especially if your business has a social media marketing or mobile marketing strategy in place. With so many types of information to look at (emails, documents, images, audio, hierarchical data, etc).
  3. Velocity: This refers to the speed that data is being produced and how fast it must be processed to meet the demands of the end-users.

If your business is able to utilize big data to its fullest potential, you have the opportunity to increase your operating margin by at least 60 percent! For industries that historically handled large amounts of data such as banking, insurance, law firms, and large retailers, investing in big data is a wise choice.

One way that your business can make the most of big data is to utilize managed print services to streamline its operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity within the workplace. Outlined below are several reasons why your business should consider managed print services as the ideal solution for your big data problems:

  • Users will have the ability to create digital files by scanning documents to the computer, therefore allowing your business to better control, manage, and refer to its most important documents.
  • Taking advantage of document management software can allow the various departments within your organization to collaborate better for analytical purposes.
  • By utilizing optical character recognition (OCR), Managed Print Services allow your important documents to be sorted and organized more efficiently.
  • To address the major challenges associated with big data, managed print services incorporates cloud technology to allow users to store more data and retrieve it at a faster rate.
  • Enhanced security features will help to protect your valuable information from network breaches.

Managed Print Services is the ideal solution to your business’s big data problems, helping to keep costs down, boost productivity, and optimize your printing processes. With so many companies investing in ways to resolve their big data challenges in 2013, you can’t afford to overlook this opportunity.

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