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Save Paper and Cut Costs

Managing waste is an important part of being a business owner and an employee. This also applies to managing the amount of paper you waste in a given day. A business is able to cut back on the amount of paper that is used or wasted around the office by employing some simple habits every day.

By managing the amount of paper that is printed every day, a business can see a drop in costs as well as the carbon footprint they are leaving for future generations. We have posted some simple, yet effective, measures that will help businesses in curbing unnecessary paper waste around the office.

Send documents electronically- instead of printing every inter-office memo or data sheet, try instead to send documents via email. Employees will still receive the necessary information and can make the personal judgment whether or not they would like to print the document.

Print on both sides of the paper- this may sound like the easy solution, but printing on both sides of the paper is often times overlooked. This is a great way to cut the amount of paper used in a printing job in half.

Use print preview- before sending something to print, it’s always a good idea to see what the finally copy will look like when it comes out of the printer. Avoid printing extra copies by checking your document with the print preview function.

Print a test copy- If you have a couple hundred pages of a document to print, it’s not a bad idea to print a test copy to see if the format is correct and is what you really want. This will alleviate printing a hundred copies of a mistake.

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