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Meet the Multifunction Printer

Does this scenario sound familiar? You want to share a just-created PDF. You’re worried about preserving the integrity of the layout, so you wonder if you should print a hard copy first and then scan it? Fax a hardcopy to your client? Or should you save the document to a USB and share it personally?

Perhaps it’s time to consider a new approach.

Multifunction printers (MFP) combine the functions of copier, printer, scanner and fax in one device; selected models can also email the documents to pre-programmed addresses.

An ideal resource for home offices or offsite small businesses, MFPs save space, resources and energy. They provide a centralized document management system that you and your colleagues can share simultaneously.

Going paperless
A decade ago, paper documentation was the rule in most offices – presenting a budgetary challenge for office managers responsible for constantly purchasing expensive reams of paper and even more costly ink and toner cartridges

The paperless revolution has made multifunction printers an integral part of the office. Your ability to create, share and store data digitally reduces material cost dramatically, and ensures that stakeholders have access to what they need, when they need it.

Staying connected and secure
Today’s digital workplace demands not just basic functions, but networked access that keeps stakeholders productive. When you place a multifunction printer on your network, you’re sharing all of its features without any additional hardware set-up or software integration.

Add the functions of an outsourced, cloud-based network, and you can have your remotely located or travelling colleagues access information on the go by utilizing Wi-Fi or data plans.

At the same time, password-protected access and encryption options ensure that your most sensitive information stays in the right hands.

Getting comfortable with the technology
MFPs come in many sizes and functional tiers, but today’s advanced hardware is designed around ease of use. Touchscreen displays look familiar to users who carry smartphones and tablets; and onscreen directions, troubleshooting and support mean that help is never far away.

Your managed print services consultant can provide onsite and remote training on the MFP to help people of all skill levels become comfortable working with this timesaving device.

Increase productivity; reduce costs
Multifunction printers have proven their worth for small businesses to enterprises worldwide. These space-saving, affordable options help bring your office into a more efficient digital realm while keeping your documentation budget in line.

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