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Managed Print Services in the Medical Industry

There is no room for error in the healthcare industry, where record keeping standards are set particularly high. Accurate documentation is necessary for patient safety and confidentiality as well as billing purposes, but just as important is a system of printing, storage and retrieval for fast and easy access to these records.

Managed Print Services (MPS) are a perfect fit for the healthcare industry as they not only help to streamline the day to day processes, but also fit in with the tight budgets often associated with this sector; here’s how.

Less Paper or Paperless?

Paper may be here to stay, but there is a push within paper heavy industries such as healthcare to reduce its usage and come up with more environmentally friendly and secure solutions.

Direct scan-to-EHR (electronic health records) capabilities allow healthcare workers an easy avenue to scan, convert and store patient records in an electronic format, with secure online documentation standards in place that comply with HIPAA and HL7.

Enhanced Security

MPS can satisfy all your security needs, with features such as card reader authentication, network encryption, automatic hard disk erasure, and compliance with HIPAA standards with the ability to supply on demand audit trails for any document that is processed on any device.

A Shift in Focus

IT personnel spend much of their time resolving issues relating to print services, when that time could be better spent finding solutions to more pressing problems. MPS takes the burden off IT workers through the controlled management and implementation of workplace solutions such as the sourcing of toner and paper products, scheduled maintenance and device standardization.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This technology can provide users with the ability to convert page images in to Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, or text files where they can later be indexed and searched for by the text found in the newly created file.

Industry Compliance

The HITECH act was created to encourage the use of electronic health records (EHR) through financial incentives. HL7 compliance is a vital part of this legislation as a component of the meaningful use stage, which prompts healthcare workers to integrate EHR into their existing records management system.

HIPAA compliance is vital to any operation and managed print solutions can help to keep regulatory standards in check in a cost effective manner.

Added Benefits

MPS offers many additional benefits and solutions to healthcare providers such as:

  • Mobile print and device imaging
  • Digitization of costly pre-printed forms
  • Secure printing
  • Rules based printing solutions and modifications
  • Patient alternatives

Managed print within the healthcare sector can have a positive impact on both the quality of care and the quality of service for patients and healthcare workers alike. In an environment where many workers are already stretched to their limits, an efficient, cost-effective, secure solution to paper and document management can free employees so they can better focus on more important matters, while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

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