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How to Attain an Environmentally Sustainable Office

Businesses of all sizes and types are undergoing green initiatives to help the environment and to also reduce overall expenses.  Reducing printing expenses is a great step in a green initiative, but some businesses may not know what options are available to help.

The Xerox ConnectKey solutions are ideal to promote sustainability and kick-start your green initiatives.  There are several key features of the Xerox ConnectKey solutions that focus on sustainability:

  • Integrated energy usage with the Cisco EnergyWise network software
  • Configurable printing rules for environmentally friendly use
    • Duplexing options
    • Reduce banner use
    • Enable a “green meter” to measure environmentally friendly use
  • Use solid ink solutions with ColorQube for less waste and reduced packaging
  • The use of LED uses as much as one third the power of typical Xenon lamps in copiers and scanners
  • Energy Star compliance for maximum power efficiency
  • Recycling program specifically designed with experienced industry partners in the Environmental Asset Recovery Program (EARP)
    • Simplified process with pick up options from Purolator
    • Smaller carbon footprint with optimized processes from SCI and Purolator
    • Reporting for customers on their participation status in the EARP
    • Consolidation of supply item returns using the Xerox Eco Box

By utilizing Xerox as your print management partner, your business can take full advantage of the ConnectKey solutions that include managed print services (MPS) with intelligent multi function printers (MFPs).  These intelligent printers allow you to create an eco-friendly office environment regardless of your business size.

With managed print services that utilize ConnectKey you can apply configurable business rules that not only optimize the use of paper but also create rules that restrict specific types of printing and who has authorization to perform certain types of printing.  The time of print jobs is also carefully managed for better use of energy.

With intelligent print solutions from Xerox you can receive much more visibility into your business print usage through comprehensive reports.  These reports can be viewed online or printed if you desire.  You can review what types of documents are being printed, how much paper was consumed, and which printers were used most often.

Having an environmentally friendly business policy is an important part of any business that wishes to be responsible for reducing its carbon footprint and helping their community to become eco-friendly.  With the solutions that are now available with Xerox ConnectKey your business can not only reduce your carbon footprint and apply eco-friendly policies, but you will also gain more economical solutions to reduce printing costs while keeping your business productivity levels high.

To find out how much your business is currently spending on print, Click here for your free print assessment:

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