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Exploring the Rapid Growth of Document Management

An office without papers is very appealing in theory. However, in today’s world it isn’t really plausible. Paper is too ingrained into our business plans to get rid of it all together. However, it is possible start transitioning to a more digital filing system.

Paper documents take up a lot of space when used for extensive filing. Plus, with the need to keep records of pretty much everything, those files can really add up. An electronic document management system (EDMS) is a very cost effective way to securely store all your documents digitally. Plus, with the integrations of updated multifunction systems, scanning in your documents is easier than ever.

Another great advantage of an EDMS is the low cost of electronic storage. Physical office space is expensive and tricky to plan with constantly changing employee needs. With digital storage, you can store multiple filing cabinets worth of documents in a fraction of the space.

There is no doubt you have multiple levels of security in your office. Whether it is having logins on all computers or keycards to get through doors, you want to know who is in your office and why. Well that shouldn’t be any different with your documents. An EDMS will provide you with a record of who accesses documents and what changes are made to them.

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