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Green printing has been quite the buzzword over the last few years. Many businesses have explored green printing as a way to not only help the environment, but to also save money that would have otherwise been spent unnecessarily. Green printing habits are one of the quickest and most effective ways at reducing unnecessary printing from your office and will start you on a path towards a more environmentally conscious future. Green printing doesn’t simply mean printing less. It is more of a philosophy about printing smarter across your entire organization.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Duplex Printing: Duplex printing allows you to print on both sides of the printed page as opposed to single side printing, which can help eliminate up to 40% of unnecessary paper usage.
  • Eliminate Banner Pages: Banner pages are the pages that print before and after emails and some web pages. Usually they are blank or have very little information on them, which stems from the formatting of emails and web pages. They can easily be eliminated without losing any relevant content, thus eliminating much unnecessary printing from your office.
  • Think Before You Print: This may be the single most important factor in reducing printing in your office. Ask yourself whether or not you need to print this email or document before hitting the print button. Oftentimes you will find that the answer is no, thus reducing printing more than in any other area.

To learn more about how you can reduce printing in your organization with Annapolis Office Products, please contact us today!

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