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Printing in an office environment has become a necessary function in business today. While printing is necessary, there is a large portion of printing that takes place that could be reduced or cut out entirely. On average, printing comprises nearly 3% of a company’s annual budget. This is a huge portion that can be significantly reduced with a few minor changes in the printing habits of your employees.

Here are a few ways that you can begin to reduce printing in your office:

  • Duplex Printing – Duplex printing is a standard function on most multifunction printers. This allows you to print on both sides of a piece of paper, reducing your paper expenditure by nearly 40%.
  • Print Preview – Utilize print preview to cut out banner pages and any other unnecessary information from your document. Printing only the pages you need will significantly reduce overall printing within your office.
  • Print Management – Print Management programs give you the ability to monitor and control printing even further. Discover where printing takes place and how you can best eliminate it.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can start saving with a Print Management program!

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