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Avoid these Potential Pitfalls when Consolidating Office Equipment

One facet of properly managing your printing environment is consolidating equipment such as office copiers and printers to increase efficiency and remove redundancies from your office. This allows a business to reduce the amount of devices within their office while simultaneously increasing office productivity.

You want to make sure that you properly consolidate and centralize equipment within your office. Here are a few of the major pitfalls you want to avoid:

Reliance on Desktop Devices: Equipping your office exclusively with desktop devices will cost significantly more in the long run that utilizing higher capacity devices that are centralized in your office. While desktop printers can be a great way to supplement your larger printing equipment, having many desktop devices can lead to high supply costs.

Device Under-Utilization: You want to make sure that you are making the most out of the equipment you have before you attempt to add more pieces to your printer fleet. You must first get a proper understanding of your current capabilities and then you can work on optimization through consolidation.

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