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Are Your Office Documents Secure?

The way we work today is more advanced than ever. Modern technology and cloud computing has enabled employees to be more productive, more mobile and more efficient. But is this new technology putting your company’s private and secure information at risk? Luckily there are new solutions that not only improve productivity, but security too. If you oversee or work with your company’s print environment, one solution you should investigate is ConnectKey.

ConnectKey is a cloud-based software solution by Xerox that integrates with your multifunction printers to make the way you print, scan and work easier than ever. Thankfully, Xerox realized the risks involved in today’s high-tech workplace and incorporated safety features into ConnectKey to keep you safe, including:

  • Protected Access
  • McAfee Security
  • Compliance Features
  • Ability to Track Users
  • Safer Scanning
  • Cisco Protection and more

Have more control over access 

With ConnectKey you get more control over all of the multifunction printers in your print environment, including features that let you determine who can access your printers–and when. Access protection features allow you to apply access codes to any printer in your environment or provide access cards to users you trust. With ConnectKey, you can rest assured that the only people who are printing, scanning and handling your important business data are approved to do so. Access protection also allows you to control when and how printers are used. For example, you can enforce a no printing after hours rule to minimize personal printing.

New, exclusive McAfee Security

ConnectKey ensures that all of the multifunction printers in your workplace integrate with proven McAfee® security technology. This is an exclusive feature for Xerox, making for the first lineup of print devices that can protect themselves from online dangers. For example, McAfee features an innovative whitelist technology that make sure that only non-threatening files are able to print, scan or email from your devices. With McAfee, you don’t have to worry about always updating your software against online dangers as it handles all of that for you.

Features to keep you in high compliance

Are all of your printers SSL encrypted? Are they compliant with the latest Software Verification Criteria from the legal industry? Do they meet Department of Defense compliance? HIPAA? Sarbanes Oxley? Are you sure? With ConnectKey, you can be. ConnectKey allows you to maintain high levels of security and ensure that all of your devices are compliant with the latest requirements.

User tracking and safer scanning

With the ConnectKey solution, you can track the user activity across all of your multifunction printers at all times. It allows for keeping an accurate history of use too, so you can go back to see when, what and where a device was used.  However, to keep your data secure, it won’t allow the content of jobs to be tracked, which is a nice added feature. ConnectKey also allows you to scan quickly and securely to Yahoo, Gmail and more—this is useful for SMBs that don’t use a corporate email.

Cisco protection seals the deal

Finally, ConnectKey integrates with Cisco® TrustSec Identity Services Engine automatically in order to give you complete visibility of your print environment and all printer endpoints. Reliable TrustSec helps guard the paths to your printers and helps you maintain your security policy easier than you could have imagined possible.

In closing, ConnectKey is an advanced, easy to implement and very secure solution for improving the way you print, while making it safe as well. Your business is important, so it’s important to keep it protected.

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