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Green Printing Strategies for Your Business

Have a “Greener” Office While Cutting Print Costs

Few companies embark on enterprise-wide “green” initiatives just out of the goodness of their hearts – there has to be a sound business case for making wholesale changes in the organization. The benefits of environmental sustainability – from small efforts like switching off room lights, and from big deals like reorganizing delivery ...

Facts About Paper

There are some surprising facts about the amount of paper that is used within the average office in today’s world. Would you have guessed that the average office employee prints roughly 10,000 pages per year? That is an amazing amount of paper, especially considering that upwards of 20% of it is never used. That equals just under 2,000 sheets per ...

Green Printing Techniques to Reduce Printing and Cut Costs

There are many ways that businesses are finding to reduce printing and begin saving money from their print budget. Generally, the printing budget of an office is one of the most unmanaged areas of its annual budget. While printing is a necessary function of all offices, there are many ways that printing can be reduced. Green printing tips ...

Optimize Your Printing Environment with Annapolis Office Products

Office printing can easily get out of hand if left unmanaged. The way that our office prints contributes directly to a number of factors. The more printing that takes place in an office equals higher waste and higher costs associated with document production. It is important that your office is continually taking steps in the right direction to ensure ...

Developing an Eco-Friendly Office

Home business operators along with employees virtually all are aware of that establishing a substantial eco-friendly atmosphere is usually a great deal more than just becoming eco-friendly for the foreseeable future; it's also about slicing expenses and boosting revenue in the long run. That's exactly why we truly feel that it's so significant that the firms and companies of today ...

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