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The Cost of Printing

Gartner, Inc. reports that businesses spend between 1 and 3% of their total yearly revenue generating documents alone. That is a large amount of money that could be better utilized after your printing needs are properly managed. Most businesses dramatically underestimate their total print expenses and needs. Making the situation worse, often times cost controls and analysis are not employed to regulate this cost.

By managing print expenditures effectively, your business can save up to 30% on the costs associated with printing annually. One key is developing a total print management strategy that can increase your productivity while lowering your total operating costs.

These areas of savings include proper deployment, quality cost-conscious supplies, and through proper print configuration.

We’ll conduct a document assessment to measure these areas, and show your current printing requirements and show you how to improve the way you handle printing. With one low price, we can provide total print management for all document devices on your network.

To start saving, request your free Document Assessment today.

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